Bus and coach passenger rights

The bus staff is happy to help persons with reduced mobility to get on and off the bus. For safety reasons, the driver cannot lift a person from or to a wheelchair. Sadly, we cannot take on board customers traveling in wheelchairs on our long-distance buses, they are not low-floor vehicles and these do not have wheelchair lifts.

Any aids required by persons with reduced mobility or disability can be safely transported in the luggage compartment. Electric wheelchairs cannot be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus due to the size and weight of the chair. The toilets of our buses are not suitable for disabled use.

If a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is unable to travel alone because of his or her disability or reduced mobility, they must be accompanied by an escort. The escort may travel together with the person being assisted free of charge. Please inform the escort  to our customer service number +358 (0)16 3422 160 or info@eskelisen.fi one day before Your trip.

Guide dogs travel free of charge with the person they are assisting.

All the aids needed by a passenger with reduced mobility on the trip will be carried as luggage free of charge.

The bus operator may refuse to issue a ticket or deny access to the vehicle because of the passenger’s disability or reduced mobility if this is necessary to comply with the road safety requirements contained in the applicable international, EU or national provisions. Access may also be denied if it is physically impossible for the disabled person to board, exit or travel on the bus in a safe and appropriate manner because of the design of the bus or the infrastructure, such as the bus stop or terminal.
The passenger is entitled to hear the grounds for such a decision and be informed of optional services, if any. If the passenger has paid the fare in advance, they are entitled to a refund even if the need for assistance were not indicated in advance.

of 16 February 2011 concerning the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004

The passenger’s regular luggage (max. two suitcases), skis and prams are transported free of charge. A payment in accordance with freight charges is charged for transporting other than the afore mentioned items.

Bicycles are transported at the passenger’s own risk, if there is enough room. A bicycle space can be reserved when buying a ticket in the web shop.

Prams can be transported in the luggage compartment.

Common pets can be transported on the bus with an escort and at the escorts risk, if there is room on the bus. Pets are located on the bus in such a way as to cause the minimum amount of disturbance to passengers. Pets may not be placed on seats and they must not be kept loose. You can pay the pet ticket to our driver. Ticket cost is: 0-200 kms 5€, 201-400 kms 7,50€, 401-600 kms 10€, 601-> 13€.

The parcel service of Matkahuolto offers national transport solutions. The speed and reliability of the transports are based on the scheduled and dense nationwide network of buses. Matkahuolto has 1,100 service points around Finland. If a town does not have a Matkahuolto service point, a delivery can be made straight to the bus.

The radio of the bus can be used if it does not disturb the other passengers. The radio is turned off if even one passenger requests it. Passengers may use their personal music equipment or mobile phones if they do not disturb the other passengers.

Eating and drinking on the bus is permitted as long as it is done neatly.
Use of alcohol and smoking, including e-cigarettes, is forbidden on our buses.

All passengers have the right to enjoy a comfortable bus ride without disturbances. Staff must be allowed to do their job without interference. Staff have the right to remove from the bus any passenger who is causing a disturbance and continues to do so despite being cautioned. If the passenger cannot be removed immediately, the staff have the right, if necessary, to restrain the person involved until removal is possible.

Any lost property found on our buses is delivered to our office to Rovaniemi. You can ask them from the number +358(0)16 3422 160 or by e-mail: info@eskelisen.fi

The passenger must be prepared for the eventuality that difficult weather conditions and possible traffic congestion may lengthen the scheduled time of travel. Passengers are asked to note that there might be changes to schedules due to holidays. In the event of vehicle break down, substituting transport will be provided as soon as possible. Any costs caused by the delay are not compensated.

If a mistake has been made by the driver when paying for a ticket, the excess charge is returned to the customer. Tickets purchased from the Matkahuolto web shop can be refunded in accordance with the terms and conditions set by Matkahuolto Oy. www.matkahuolto.fi/en

In other situations, unused services are refunded on a case by case basis and the customer is charged service and other delivery fees. For a refund, we ask that you send a short description of the situation along with the original travel ticket and your contact information to e-mail info@eskelisen.fi or by post J.M. Eskelisen Lapin Linjat Oy, Koskikatu 51, FIN-96100 Rovaniemi

Compensations due to the delay or cancellation of service are handled and paid on a case by case basis. The customer must try to contact the bus service provider as soon as possible, if the possible delay or cancellation of service threatens to cause the customer additional travel expenses. The bus service provider is not liable for additional costs, which the customer could have avoided with their actions within reason.

The bus service provider is not liable to compensate costs incurred to the client, if the delay or cancellation of service is caused by a force majeure not controlled by the bus service provider. Any damages caused to you or to your property during travel should be communicated to the driver. This will make handling the matter easier. A suitcase is there to protect your belongings and minor outer damages or dirtiness caused by the normal handling of luggage is not compensated.

Luggage that has been damaged or lost during travel are primarily compensated by the passenger’s own travel insurance. In other cases, the customer is compensated by the current value of the luggage, if it can be reliably proven that the item was intact or present when luggage was loaded and that the breakage or loss of the item was caused by our driver. When a customer loads the luggage onto the bus themselves, they are responsible for the luggage.

This statement is based on the EU Regulation on the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport. This regulation applies to passengers using regular services over a scheduled distance of at least 250 km. The regulation applies to chartered services only to a limited extent.

Passenger must be given a ticket or other travel document. The ticket can be issued in electronic form.
The terms and prices of transport must be offered to the public without any direct or indirect discrimination based on the nationality of the customer.

Passengers are, in accordance with applicable national law, entitled to compensation for death or personal injury, as well as loss of or damage to luggage due to accidents arising out of the use of the bus or coach. Passengers are also entitled to assistance with regard to their immediate practical needs following an accident including, where necessary, first aid, accommodation, food, clothes and transport.

If the passenger feels that a matter of refund or compensation does not proceed as it should, they may refer their claim to the Consumer Disputes Board.

Consumer Disputes Board
P.O. Box 306
00531 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. 010 366 5200
E-mail: kril@oikeus.fi

The authorities supervising bus and coach traffic in Finland with regard to compliance with this decree are the Finnish Consumer Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
P.O. Box 5
00531 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. 029 505 3000
E-mail: kirjaamo@kkv.fi

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
P.O. Box 320
00059 Traficom, Finland
Tel. 029 534 5000
E-mail: kirjaamo@traficom.fi